Thursday, 3 November 2011

EDB to PST Conversion Software

EDB to PST conversion is efficient software which converts EDB or Exchange Database file to PST or Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage file. This conversion is needed when the EDB files in Exchange Server get corrupted due to system malfunction or virus attack or due to many other causes. To get damaged and inaccessible EDB from Server folder this Exchange to Outlook recovery tool is really necessary for the users.

What is EDB file? 

EDB files are created in Exchange server to store users’ mailboxes that consist emails, contacts, calendar events, tasks, schedules, notes etc. EDB files allow user to access emails that are sent by MS Outlook which means these Exchange files are responsible for every sent and received emails on the users’ mailboxes. Most of the business organizations use Exchange Server to store their valuable and confidential data, it is popular among business level as well as personal level. So the failure or corruption of the EDB files means a lot for the people who use this system.

What is PST file?  

PST stands for Personal Storage Table which stores copies of mails, tasks, messages etc. whenever Outlook retrieves mails it removes it from the user’s e-mail server and stores it on the PST folder. The more mails PST stores the bigger it gets. There are some versions of Windows, such as Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002, which are unable to support more than 2 GB PST folders. But from Outlook 2003 the designers have made the Windows Versions to support up to 20 GB of PST files. But these PST files are very vulnerable and tend to get corrupted as these files are not just simple text files; they are actually database underneath.

Sometimes the environment of the Exchange Server, where users’ mailboxes are stored, gets corrupted or the Exchange Server simply goes down, in situation like this EDB files which are saved in the Exchange Server can not recognize the Server and deny to function with it. Also, there are situations when the EDB files become damaged due to virus attack, JET engine errors, server failure, and accidental deletion of EDB.log files, shutting down due to power surge, hardware failure or due to performing unprotected write back cache operation. In both of these situations the solution is to copy the EDB files to PST files through a good Exchange to Outlook Converter. This type of converter simply migrates the EDB files residing in Exchange Server to PST files which are situated in Outlook.

Edb to pst utility converts Microsoft Exchange to Outlook data is known for its high performance in this type of job. This software can read and convert any kind of EDB files that means it does not mind that whether the file is created with MS Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003 or 2007.

Some other features of the EDB to PST software are, it can convert multiple EDB data from the mailbox at the same time, can restore email fields like sender’s name, message flag etc.,  can easily salvage self created data(both by user and system)

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