Monday, 7 November 2011

Recover Data’s Software for EDB to PST Conversion

Sometimes, it is good to prepare for the disasters before they occur. Whether it is a small business or a big multinational, are exposed to the threat of data loss. Technology is definitely a boon. When talk about computers, if they are not handled properly, a big amount of confidential, important and vital data can be lost. In the Microsoft exchange servers, the MS Outlook is sometime exposed to the threat of data loss.

Nothing can be more irritating and threatening when a person tries to open his/her exchange server and ends up being not able to access it. There might be a number of error codes occurring on the screen at that time. Some of the reason for the error messages can be:

  • There might be problem if the network connection of the server.
  • There might be slow VPN or network connection.
  • The reason can be that the user might have already clicked on the “send immediately when connected” option but still clicks on the receive/send option in the MS outlook.
  • When the user tires to reconnect with the exchange server so that is synchronizes.

Whatever the case may be, now, there is no need to be worried about the same. The software for EDB to PST Conversion is a very effective tool for EDB to PST migration and is capable of recovering all the data from the .edb files that includes data like emails, calendar, notes, inbox, drafts, outbox, attachments, tasks, journals, folders as well as subfolders. These .edb files are not only recovered but are converted in fresh .pst files that can be stored at any desired location by the user. The EDB to PST converter is well equipped software that can restore edb data into new and accessible pst files.
Some of the most attractive features of this exchange to outlook converter are as follows:
  • The software is capable of recovering/restoring the edb data that has been generated under Microsoft exchange servers ranging from 5.0 to 2007.
  • Conveniently migrate EDB data to PST files including all items like folder, attachments, tasks, journals, calendars, etc and restore them in the MS outlook versions (95 to 2007).
  • Ability to covert unlimited number of EDB files into PST files at a single time. And can be used as many times as required.
  • Recovery of edb data to pst data that is up to the size of 2GB.
  • No technical skills required to use and apply the software.
  • Trail version available.
One you are satisfied with the trail version of the edb to pst conversion software, you will be able to understand how to apply the software to actually convert edb to  pst files. Hence after buying the full pack of this software, the threat of data loss from exchange server is reduced and therefore data loss would no longer be considered as a nightmare. The statement holds true,  At least when talking in context of MS exchange server.


  1. EDB to PST Converter is an appropriate key for smooth conversion of Corrupt EDB file database. This application is very easy to use and convert all items from EDB file with all its respective folders, notes, task, calendar, inbox, outbox, sent items and draft etc.

  2. Excellent write up! In my limited experience, however, I’ve found out that to Convert edb to pst - EdbMails is the best option as it can handle most exchange recovery tasks gracefully. It supports export of mailboxes to PSTs and also has an extensive range of filtering options. It is a forensic recovery that can extract most data from even corrupt or inaccessible exchange databases.It supports public, private folder recovery along with migration to Live exchange and Office 365. Archive mailbox migration is also supported by edbmails